Happy Pi Day

By Sam •  Updated: 03/13/22 

March 14th, also styled as 3/14 or 3.14 is a special day for math nerds.

Since 3.14 are the first three digits of π, both nerds and pie enthusiasts happily celebrate “pi day” (or “pie day”) on the 14th of March.

This year, one of my coworkers organized a “Pi Day” competition where participants were encouraged to submit something pi-themed you created.

Since I spend way too much time on the internet as a blogger, I thought it would be fun to channel all of that pop-culture knowledge into a Pi Day memes.

Here’s what I came up with. Let me know which famous internet memes I missed and how you’d make them pi-themed.

Drake Meme- Pi Day 2022

The Drake meme has to be one of my favorites. I started off with this reflection about how Pi Day also represents the anniversary of our office moving towards a maximum telework stance because of Covid.

Pi day anniversary vs start of covid using the Drake meme

Even the world’s most interesting man celebrates Pi Day

I also thought it’d be good to make some puns about π being an irrational number.

world's most interesting man celebrating pi day

Mario Day vs. Pi Day

Which is better Mario Day or Pi Day? The epic handshake needs to answer the question.

What if Walter Sobchak felt strongly about Pi

I thought I’d continue my late 1990’s movies memes with one from my favorite movie of all time, The Big Lebowski.

Big Lebowski there are ways Pi Day meme

Pi Day or Pie Day?

Pie day or Pi Day. It’s the ultimate decision!

Choose between pi day and pie day meme

One does not simply…

How could any list of memes be complete without the Lord of the Rings?

one does not simply pi meme

Change my mind about π

Who could forget about the “change my mind” guy?

change my mind pi meme

What’s a meme post without a Dogecoin meme?

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Dogecoin and Doge memes. Why not use a Doge meme to crack a joke at my own expense.

Dogecoin meme pi d ay

What did I miss?

Hopefully you enjoyed my Pi Day memes. Which famous meme did I forget? How would you caption it? Shoot me an email (GovWorker [at] GovernmentWorkerFi.com) and let me know what comes next!


Sam i.e. "Gov Worker" started working for the government at age 18 and loved it so much that he never left. He started GovernmentWorkerFI in 2019 to help fellow federal employees understand their benefits, take control of their finances, and live their best lives.

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