About GovWorker

Hi! Thanks for reading my “about” page.

I started this blog to document my own journey towards financial independence and to help other government employees understand their retirement benefits and whether or not they can retire early. I’m a federal employee and while I blog as “GovWorker” most of the analysis on the site is geared towards federal employees. On the other hand, a lot of the analysis of analyzing financial independence with a pension is applicable to state and municipal employees as well. Mrs. GovWorker is a state employee and perhaps at some future date, we’ll discuss her retirement on the blog as well.

Although I’ve written a lot of points specifically geared towards federal employees, especially about their thrift savings plan (TSP), a lot of my posts are about living as a frugal family of five. We have three kids, and daycare is both our biggest obstacle to financial independence and worth every penny.

This is a personal blog

I primarily write this blog to share our journey to financial independence.  I hope that by sharing our journey to FI we can inspire other government employees to leave before their minimum retirement age.

I want to make it clear that the opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own. They do not represent the view of any government agency.


Despite what I imagined when I started, blogging is kind of expensive. There are hosting fees and domain registration fees. Also, there are software tools and other expenses that I use to make my blog look half-way respectable. I have advertisements on the website through Google Adsense. I have no control over what shows up on the website and have little idea on how to only make the advertisements show up in non-obtrusive places. I apologize for their inconvenience. However, they do make blogging more affordable.

Occasionally, I’ll link to products or services that I enjoy.  In some of these cases, I’ll use an affiliate link, where I will make a small amount of money if you click and/or buy the products.  When I use an affiliate link, I’ll notify you it is an affiliate link. When you click one of those links, I may make a small amount of money if you purchase something after clicking through the link.

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As of February 2020, I have partnered with CountAbout.com (affiliate link), and am paid to promote their product through social media and affiliate marketing.